Shangilia Foundation USA (“SFUSA”) exists to:

“Provide financial assistance and raise awareness for services performed on behalf of impoverished children and their families in Africa and other parts of the world, including among others, those services related to the arts, health care,education, shelter, social care, and protection of children.” – from SFUSA’s Mission Statement

The needs of target children are the results of, but not limited to, displacement through domestic violence, loss of family, homelessness, cataclysmic strife, hunger, illness and lack of medical attention, and lack of access to education.

Performing arts training is an important component of what SFUSA supports, noting that arts training has proven its effectiveness in expanding learning potential, instilling self-confidence, discipline, the ability to work in teams, and in some cases preparing children for careers as performers.

SFUSA acts in two capacities:

  • Raising money on behalf of organizations that provide services for, and raising awareness of the plight of, impoverished children and their families in Africa and other underdeveloped parts of the world.
  • In conjunction with funding, to providing management and strategic planning input, in part to assure the effective expenditure of funds provided.

SFUSA will seek out and support organizations that provide services relating to the arts, health care, education, shelter, social care, and the protection of children. Particular interest will be paid to established organizations with proven effectiveness, but with underutilized service capacity, under-optimized resources and infrastructure, and opportunity and readiness for expansion.

SFUSA is beginning its work with Tumshangilieni (“Shangilia”) in Nairobi, Kenya. We are working closely with the board and staff of that institution to respond to a gift Tumshangilieni has received of six acres of land, providing an opportunity for Tumshangilieni to move from its outgrown facilities and significantly expand its impact in Kenya and East Africa. Financial and other support is urgently needed, for a community center, capital construction, and facilities including outfitting classrooms, a library, a theater, clinic, and to expand the residence and outreach programs in the community.


Of particular interest to SFUSA is providing support to the unique arts program at Tumshangilieni, which has proved over the years to be an effective mechanism for acculturation of its residents as well as providing both entertainment and education to the Kenyan public.