Intrinsic to SFUSA’s mission is support, use and training in the performing arts.
We do this as:

  • a vehicle for the development of individual children in areas of concentration, confidence, self-expression, teamwork, and the concept of excellence.
  • a means of conveying socially important messages through drama and song, both locally and on international tours.
  • a source of revenue generation through fees and/or contributions resulting from performances.
  • potential careers for young people with the necessary talent and motivation.

The effects of arts training on the psycho-social development of young people is now indisputable.
It is clearly more than a luxury, often cut as school support is decreased but essential to the development of the whole child. There is strong indication that this is even more true for children who have suffered severe early-life trauma.

Yet the mainstream systems for rehabilitating such children often only begin to touch on the arts in the context of arts therapy or as ancillary programs.

Tumshangilieni incorporates the arts as a fundamental part of the children’s daily routines. The spirit of Tumshangilieni (“Shangilia”), through the collective encouragement of imagination and positive benefits of arts training, can be felt both on-site in Nairobi and in the expanding international awareness of Tumshangilieni.